Does your Weight Reports only identify residents who have lost or gained 2 kg in the month?

If so, you are only getting half the picture!

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The Aged Care Weight Tracker:

  • Automatically colour codes weights to highlight weight changes (including gradual weight loss over time)
  • Calculates the BMI based on the most recent entered weight (colour coding of BMI values is also available)
  • Automatically calculates the Healthy Weight Range for each resident (based on BMI)
  • Can be accessed securely from any computer

Your facility staff will find the Aged Care Weight Tracker easy to use. It makes monitoring weights – even gradual weight loss – simple and allows clinical staff to take prompt action where necessary.


The Aged Care Weight Tracker is an online tool which calculates and highlights weight changes over time for residents. Facilities can use this tool to identify residents who may require a Dietitian assessment. It is particularly helpful in highlighting gradual weight loss over time, which is usually not identified through standard facility weight charts.

Percentage weight changes are not always easy to calculate but is a key indicator for predicting malnutrition risk.  Many computerised medical records do not calculate this, nor do they track weight loss over consecutive months.   This is where our Weight Tracker comes in!

Your quality team can look at the weights of all residents in every home with our Group Access feature.  This can streamline mandatory or voluntary reporting requirements of resident weights and allows a snapshot from Head Office into the picture across all facilities.

To help improve weight monitoring at your home, call our team on 136 033.

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