Leading Nutrition understands that there is no “one size fits all” solution for Aged Care Dietitian Services. Therefore we can work with each of our homes to tailor a service that is as individual as each home.

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Give Christine Smith a call on 1300 722 712. With 8 years experience in the aged care industry she knows how to help you get the most from your Aged Care Dietitian service.


We can mix and match our products and services.

In shaping your Aged Care Nutrition Service for your home, we look at:

  • what are the needs of the residents in your home?
  • What are the needs of the staff, the management, the organisation?
  • How best can you use Leading Nutrition Dietitian Experts as a resource?

We are committed to providing Aged Care dietitian services that are affordable, practical and add true value to your residents and team so please contact us and we would be more than pleased to assist.