The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) is an international framework that aims to improve the safety of people with dysphagia by using standardised terminology for texture modified foods and thickened fluids.

This framework has been ratified by The Dietitians Association of Australia and The Board of Speech Pathology Australia and will replace the current Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids from May 1st 2019.

There are many changes required for the transition to the new framework and this will require significant planning. So it’s time to get started!

The Leading Nutrition team can support your organisation with all aspects of IDDSI adoption, including:

Policy and Documentation Review

We can help you identify what needs to change (i.e. policies, procedures, clinical tools and charting such as diet forms, menus, tray cards, Nutrition Assessment)

Education Sessions for staff and residents.

We can do training sessions that are individualised for your home for small or large numbers. Topics to be covered include “What is IDDSI?”, Testing Protocols and Changes to Practice.

Support Plans to get IDDSI ready

We have thorough timelines and tasks detailing all areas for the adoption. Leading Nutrition can walk you through each step to ensure you have all the information and support you need.

Please speak to your Leading Nutrition dietitian, or contact the Leading Nutrition office on 136 033 for further details.