Are you passionate about providing the best food and nutrition for your aged care residents?

“We know our program continues to meet a real need when we see familiar faces, coming back for a refresher and to add to their knowledge base”

Aged Care Dietitian Training Food Service Staff

Our attendees leave with a list of things they can’t wait to put in place at their facilities and organisations!

This is a fully catered two day event. The seminar fee includes arrival coffee, lunch as well as morning & afternoon tea.

The whole dietitian team at Leading Nutrition is incredibly proud of our Food for the Ages Seminar, a 2 day nutrition-fest, that updates, up-skills and inspires food service staff to see nutrition as a priority part of food service.

We have run these seminars since 2010 with fabulous support from the Aged Care industry. These has been SOLD OUT early 2018 and we will be running them again in Melbourne and Sydney later in 2018.

Are you passionate about providing the best food and nutrition for your aged care residents?

In two busy days you will learn about Aged Care nutrition, how it is different, and how to incorporate good nutrition principles into your menu, your food service system, your facility’s routines and meet resident needs on special diets.  Its packed with all the recent developments in nutrition, lively discussion and practical activities.  Our attendees take back great ideas and renewed interest in nutrition to their homes. .

To register please click on any of the links below, call 1300 722 712 or contact us here.

Sydney 30-31st August 2018   Melbourne 18-19th October 2018

Brisbane CANCELLED, please consider Webinar Series: Creating Nutrition Champions

Perfect for all catering managers, food service assistants, cooks, chefs and hospitality managers.

Topics that will be discussed by our dietitians include:

  • Allergies, Intolerances and Coeliac Disease
  • Texture Modified Foods and Thickened Fluids
  • Diabetes and Lifestyle Disease in Aged Care
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • High Protein and High Energy Diets
  • Aged Care Menu Planning

    Leading Nutrition also provide other educational services:

    Webinar Series: Creating Nutrition Champions

    Contact Leading Nutrition on 1300 722 712 or via our contact page for more information on how we can provide training and support to your staff in aged care. We can create a tailored education package for your specific needs.