Your Leading Nutrition Dietitian is a valuable resource for residents and staff on the latest in Aged Care nutrition.  The more you use the Dietitian’s skills the better the outcomes for all.

Whether you need a Dietitian regularly, or for referrals as requested, Leading Nutrition will be there with a smile to assist you and your residents.

Leading Nutrition Dietitian

We know the nutrition challenges faced by everyone in the home, from the resident to every member of staff.  Each of our Specialist Aged Care Dietitians speaks with residents, family members and facility staff on a daily basis.

Every consultation takes into account all of factors influencing good nutrition for a resident. We provide recommendations that combine best practice nutrition with a practical and quality-of-life based understanding of residential Aged Care, and with a focus on the resident and their experience.

Our well established Model of Care is a proven system that ensures your visit will include resident reviews and also impact more broadly on the improvement of nutrition management within your facility.

Use contact form below, or call our team today on 136 033 to chat about how Leading Nutrition could provide the best possible nutrition care for your aged care residents.