A must-have for all aged care facility kitchens – 2020 Edition available now!

This manual is updated every 3 years, to ensure the information remains current and in line with the latest scientific evidence.

If you have any older editions, we strongly suggest you update this to the latest version and keep your kitchen well equipped to manage all special diets.



The Complete Guide to Nutrition & Hydration in Aged Care


In the busy environment of an aged care kitchen, it is essential that staff have ready access to best practice and practical nutrition information for all the special dietary needs of residents.  Leading Nutrition’s Diet Manual provides just this, ensuring that no matter which special diet your residents may need, your kitchen staff have the information at their fingertips.

This manual is now in its fourth edition with comprehensive revisions to ensure that the information remains up to date and consistent with Best Practice as well as the changing needs for aged care homes.

The Diet Manual for Aged Care 4th Edition includes new chapters on dementia, the 2019 IDDSI guidelines and food moulds, along with updates on meal planning, food allergy & intolerances, nourishing or high energy high protein diets, texture modified food and fluids, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, bowel and gut diseases, renal failure, vegetarian and vegan requirements, cultural & religious diets.

Each chapter includes an explanation of each diet type and clinical indications for using them, a comprehensive list of recommended and avoidable foods and sample meal plans for each diet.

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