Are you located in a rural area and find it a challenge to have regular Dietitian visits?


Dial-a-Dietitian will provide you with all the Aged Care dietetic support and expertise you would expect, at your fingertips at a time that suits you.

We remove the travel costs, remove the wait time and deliver you cost-effective responsive Dietitian consultation, using the best technology of today, making this process easy for you. 

At Leading Nutrition we are always striving to ensure that our homes are able to access the very best in dietetic services. Whilst a face to face consultation is the traditional mode of practice we understand it is not always achievable for rural locations.  Dial-a-Dietitian is your convenient, easy solution.

We now offer ‘tele-health” style’ service’s for Residential Aged Care Facilities.  We make use of technology via video-conferencing or phone to provide residents and staff with practical, sensitive and Best Practice approach to nutrition care, without the added cost of travel.

Every consultation takes into account all of factors influencing good nutrition for a resident. We provide recommendations that combine best practice nutrition with a practical and quality-of-life based understanding of residential Aged Care and also ensuring your resident and family member has a positive experience.

Whatever the service you require

  • Resident consultations
  • Staff education via webinar
  • Case conferences
  • Family meetings
  • Meetings with management

There is no aspect of our service we cannot provide via Dial-a-Dietitian.  Talk to our friendly team today, to tailor a Dietitian service best suited to  your needs.