This could be just what you need to get your supplement use

back on track!

Having trouble managing supplements at your facility?

Are supplement costs a problem?

Are your residents really benefiting from the supplements they are being given?

Let Leading Nutrition help!

An experienced Aged Care Dietitian will visit your facility and review supplements from the ground up.

You can expect to see

  • Streamlined range of supplements used
  • Improved consistency in documentation
  • Cost savings
  • That supplements are used only for residents who really need them


An experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in Aged Care will visit your facility, thoroughly review and assess the use of nutritional supplement usage at your facility.

Our specialist Dietitian will make recommendations to improve efficiencies and minimise unnecessary waste within your facility, to improve nutrition outcomes for all your residents and ultimately save you money.

We give specific and practical recommendations for improvements in:

  • Documentation
  • Food-based alternatives
  • Communication
  • Staff training


To book your Supplement Systems Review call us on 1300 722 172, or contact us below today!