A review of nutritional supplement ordering,
provision and management in aged care

Having trouble managing nutritional supplements at your aged care home?

Then the Leading Nutrition Supplement Systems Review is what you need to help get your supplement use back on track!

An experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in aged care will visit your facility and review supplement systems from the ground up! Our dietitian will make recommendations to improve efficiencies, help reduce unnecessary waste, improve nutrition status for all your residents and ultimately save you money.

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What can a Supplement Systems Review achieve at your facility?

  • Audit of the current documentation and support systems around how your facility provides supplements. Who is getting drinks? Who is ordering these? How is it monitored and adjusted?
  • Reduce unnecessary use of supplements. Review of residents who have been on supplements for some time, ensuring it is still suitable.
  • Review of Nourishing foods and fluids (High Energy High Protein) that are available in your aged care home.
  • Provide recommendations for moving to a food-first approach from nutritional supplements.
  • Review of your progress in 6 months to calculate cost savings and sustainability of new systems.

A facility in Queensland saved almost $17,000 a year in their nutritional supplement spend

A aged care home in Queensland asked asked for assistance in reviewing their provision of nutritional supplements.

After taking a close look at:

  • Current range of supplements available.
  • Current range of tube feeds being used.
  • Process for reviewing residents prescribed nutritional supplements.
  • Review of other aspects of food service that lead to high prescription of nutritional supplements (eg size of meals, snacks available, dining environment).

We were able to make recommendations that lead to:

  • Streamlining of the range of supplements used.
  • Review of all residents on supplements, and reduction of clinically unnecessary use of supplements.
  • Implementation of food-based interventions to reduce reliance on nutritional supplements as the first line intervention.
  • Improvement to ongoing monitoring process.

Overall, this facility was thrilled to save almost $17,000 in the next year on their supplement spend. And the residents were happier with their wholesome milkshakes and nourishing snacks.

*data collected by Leading Nutrition in 2016.