Customised Nutrition Education, brought to your home or organisation and given by an experienced dietitian.

What could be easier!

Keep all of your team up-skilled and focused on nutrition as a key part of resident care, with one of our interactive education workshops.

All of our nutrition workshops are available in webinar form as well. Call us to find out more.

On any week of the year, you will find Leading Nutrition Dietitians running workshops, seminars and informal education sessions for aged care homes from Perth to Cairns, and anywhere in between.   These range from 30 min sessions to full day seminars, depending on the needs of the facility or organisation.

Our most popular workshops include

  • an interactive half day on Nutrition in Dementia, to assist carers and nurses who are looking after residents/clients along the dementia journey
  • a full day on Clinical Nutrition Management, especially designed for RN’s, Clinical Coordinators and Care Managers, to provide assistance with the more complex nutrition needs of residents, including tube feeding, nutrition for stomas and more
  • Practical sessions with food service and care staff on Texture Modified Food and Fluids and other Special Diets
  • Working with care and nursing staff on Nutrition Interventions for staff to put in place for residents at nutrition risk