Helping you stay accreditation ready and meeting Aged Care Standards 2.10 (Nutrition and Hydration) and 2.1 (Continuous Improvement)

An experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in aged care will visit your facility and work with you to improve nutrition outcomes for all your residents and ultimately ensure you are always accreditation ready!


An experienced Aged Care Dietitian will visit your facility and investigate your systems, processes and outcomes relating to nutrition and hydration. The review will include in-depth interviews with the catering manager/chef and the clinical manager.

Our report will provide recognition for current practices of excellence at your home, and recommendations for continuous improvement towards optimal nutrition and hydration for your residents.

We will support you by:

  • Reviewing your Nutrition & Hydration Policy
  • Assessing your food services procedures and systems.
  • Assessing your clinical nutrition systems – including nutrition risk screening, weight monitoring, enteral feeding and diabetes management)
  • Conducting a review of documentation (resident care plans vs kitchen records)
  • Reviewing your staff training needs
  • Observing meal times

Specific and practical recommendations given for improvements in:

  • Documentation and communication
  • Meal and snack provision
  • Nutrition policies
  • Staff training

This process is valuable to ensure you’re accreditation ready!

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