A thorough nutrition check-up at your aged care facility

An experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in aged care will visit your facility and work with you to improve nutrition outcomes for all your residents and ultimately ensure you are always accreditation ready!


The Nutrition & Hydration Review is a thorough and highly valuable service made for Aged Care Homes. Conducted by Leading Nutrition dietitians, it is designed to highlight areas of excellence in Nutrition & Hydration and to identify any gaps and inconsistencies.

It will assist aged care homes in improving the nutrition systems that allow for meeting resident’s nutrition needs and choice. This will in turn, support homes in meeting both current and upcoming accreditation standards 2.10 (Nutrition and Hydration) and 2.1 (Continuous Improvement).

The Nutrition & Hydration Review looks at:

Kitchen and food services procedures and systems assessments.

We look at how information is transferred between clinical and food service departments, meal service systems such as choice and menu feedback and how special diets are implemented.


This includes looking into resident files, kitchen documentation, and any other documentation in relation to nutrition and hydration. We will search for gaps and inconsistencies, to encourage improvements.

Nutrition Hydration Policies, Procedures and Systems.

We review these to ensure they are realistic in practice but also sufficient to encourage best practice nutrition and hydration provision in homes. It includes reviewing nutrition risk screening, admission screening, weight monitoring processes, healthcare provider referral systems and diabetes management.

Meal Time and Mid Meal Provision and Dining Environment.

A Plate weight audit and observation of the lunch meal will provide meaningful information including: if the meal is plated to meet industry standards, staff assistance at meal times, resident choice, correct provision of texture modified diets and fluids is provided and if nutritional supplements are offered, as prescribed.

Quality Improvement Activities.

We review frequency and provision of staff training, menu reviews, meetings involving nutrition and hydration and other quality improvement activities that may have been conducted.

You will receive a comprehensive report with highlighted areas of excellence and recommendations for continuous improvement. The report is intended to be used as a working document for on-going improvement in addressing nutrition and hydration standards.

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