We work with Chefs and Food Service Managers to develop the very best menus for Aged Care homes, hospitals and more.

Breaking News

You may have read recently that the Dietitian’s Association of Australia has released a new Menu Review Tool for Aged Care.  We were very proud to report that at Leading Nutrition we have been completing Best Practice menu reviews for many years and already provide a Menu Review process that meets the new standards.


Be able to tell your existing residents and interested families that your menu meets Best Practice and you work with Leading Nutrition to keep it that way.

At Leading Nutrition, we believe that working closely with Chefs and Food Service Managers is the best way to develop a strong menu.  Through our comprehensive Menu Review process we work with you to identify areas of strength as well as areas of improvement and help you address these.  What you have at the end of this is a menu that already has the Leading Nutrition tick of approval, and a report to prove it.

Our easy to follow coding system means that you can clearly see areas of excellence in your menu, and those that are recommended for immediate improvement.

We are as excited as our customers as they strive to, and do achieve more and more areas of excellence with each menu review we complete with them.   Their commitment to quality improvement is inspiring. And their residents enjoy meals that are delicious and nutritious.

If your menu could use some inspiration, contact us below or give Leading Nutrition a call on 1300 722 712 and let us help.