How your menu can make a difference during COVID-19

How your menu can make a difference during COVID-19

Even though much has changed in the last few weeks with the current COVID-19 situation, our clients’ need for good food and nutrition remains the same, if not more vital.
More than ever, your menu needs to meet your clients’ needs during this trying time of COVID-19.
This is because clients are:
• Less able to accept visitors and the favourite foods they often bring
• Less able to eat out with community groups and outings
• Unable to eat in the dining room with others
• Less able to have an active social life, Read more »

Caring for our clients during COVID-19

Nutrition Matters April 2020
While we are all working on the best ways to protect our clients, their families and our staff during COVID-19, we also need to continue good quality care for our clients.
As all aged care providers are aware, the next set of National Quality Indicator Program (NQIP) reporting is due for the Jan-March quarter very soon.
It is a timely reminder that weight loss is a real risk for clients during this time of uncertainty. Read more »

Challenges associated with IDDSI

Nutrition Matters February 2020
It is now nine months since the suggested changeover date from the previous guidelines for texture modification and thickened fluids to IDDSI.
Many facilities have now moved to using the new IDDSI terminology, However, there are challenges for aged care foodservice in providing meals that are suitable while still maintaining consumer satisfaction and person-centered care.
Ensuring that documentation is accurate in reflecting the correct requirements for each person, while taking into account customer choice can be difficult for foodservice. Read more »

How much protein is enough?

Food High in Protein

Nutrition Matters January 2020
Protein does a lot more than just fuel muscles, it is essential for many other aspects of our health. We use it for building and maintaining muscle mass, for producing hormones and even as a source of energy. If we don’t have enough protein, our organs are not going to work properly. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot easily store protein, which is why we need to get it from our diet every day. Read more »

Catering for Special Diets at Christmas

Food is important throughout the year, but it tends to be one of the main focuses at Christmas time and everyone looks forward to the Christmas meal. Many residents will be enjoying glazed ham or turkey with gravy, roast vegetables and Christmas pudding. However, there will be a number of residents in your homes who require special diets. Depending on the type of allergy, intolerance, cultural requirements, some residents may not be able to enjoy the typical Christmas meal. Read more »

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets In Aged Care – Getting Enough Protein and Energy

There is a slow but steady rise in Australia with 1 in 10 people choosing to follow a vegetarian diet (1). This is likely to follow-on within aged care. A typical vegetarian diet consists of plant-based foods without eating animal products such as meat, poultry and seafood. A vegan diet also excludes eggs and dairy. It is important to respect an individual’s religious, cultural, personal, health-related, environmental or ethical reasons to avoid eating animal foods.
What is a Vegetarian Diet? Read more »

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