Menu Reviews – Why is a site visit recommended?

Menu Reviews – Why is a Site Visit Recommended?

Aged Care Accreditation Standards require that menus are reviewed regularly by a professional to ensure nutritional adequacy and appropriateness for residents. Menu reviews are an integral component ensuring that your residents are achieving optimal nutrition, health and quality of life and should be conducted at minimum yearly.

A menu review needs to be thorough and comprehensive and shouldn’t just be an assessment done on paper. Having a site visit included as part of a menu review provides many opportunities to assess aspects of food provision that can only be seen while at a residential aged care facility. If systems are not in place, resident’s may still be vulnerable to poor food provision, even if the written menu itself is ‘nutritionally adequate’.

As well as looking at the written menu, Leading Nutrition’s Menu Reviews  also include a site visit which focuses on looking at:

  • Meal time environments (staff assistance, ambience, presentation etc.)
  • Cooking and plating techniques
  • Serving sizes, presentation, taste of meals
  • Systems of diet changes and services
  • Limitations and challenges that catering, care and nursing staff may face


Leading Nutrition has undertaken countless menu reviews for aged care facilities across Australia. If you would like more information on our Menu Reviews, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 722 712.