Leading Nutrition provides a Specialist Aged Care Dietitian to work with your staff and residents

Resident reviews are just the start!  Our Model of Care guarantees that every time your Leading Nutrition Dietitian visits they do more than just review residents.  They works with management, staff and the kitchen to provide you the most comprehensive Dietitian service available.

Working with Aged Care homes and residents is both our specialty and our passion. Because the same Dietitian will visit your facility each time, they will rapidly become a part of the team, knowing your residents and staff by name.  Recommendations for each resident are tailored to their nutrition needs, in line with your policies and kitchen’s capacity.

No matter the size of your home, Leading Nutrition will tailor a Dietitian service that suits your facility.   We provide services to facilities ranging from 30 bed homes in remote locations, through to 250 bed inner city homes and every sized home in between.

Your Leading Nutrition Dietitian will be involved with the management team running nutrition education for your staff, working closely with the kitchen, and always contributing to continuous improvement in nutrition.

Call us to set up a meeting to chat about how Leading Nutrition could be helping you optimise Nutrition and Hydration management at your facility.