Boosting Breakfast in Aged Care

More and more evidence is showing that protein intake needs to be spread out throughout the day for optimal use by the body’s muscles and for ongoing muscle synthesis. While a protein-rich lunch and dinner can be achieved through the use of meats, fish, legumes and desserts, a meal where protein tends to be lacking is breakfast.

It is recommended we target breakfast in aged care facilities to ensure residents are starting their day off by consuming adequate protein.

Hot Breakfast

The more hot breakfasts are being offered to residents during the week, the better. It could be a good idea for all residents to receive a hot breakfast several times a week. This type of breakfast tends to include eggs, bacon and other protein-rich food sources. A high protein hot breakfast can be as simple as 2 eggs, a rasher of bacon and a glass of milk. This provides a resident with approximately 30g of protein in one meal – the recommended amount.

Cold Breakfast

When cold breakfasts are on offer, provide options such as yoghurt and cheese to compliment other breakfast items. Fortifying milk with milk powder or commercially available neutral powder can be a neutral tasting addition to increase the protein content of the milks used on cereals and in coffee/tea. Also, ensure porridge is cooked with milk or high protein milk in place of the usual water. This also bumps up the protein content of the meal significantly. Other ways to ensure protein intake at breakfast time is adequate can be by offering a glass of milk, or even high protein milk, as the standard drink.

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