Are you looking for a Dietitian service that delivers a consistent, reliable service to all of your homes across the city, the state, or even across the country?

Leading Nutrition is the largest Dietitian provider for Aged Care in the country and therefore best equipped for aged care groups.  The high level of support we have for our team means you can be confident that every dietitian visiting every facility is an experienced Dietitian.

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No matter if you have 3 homes or 30, or where your homes are located across the country Leading Nutrition can tailor a Dietitian service to meet the needs of all your homes and your organisation.

Our warm, sensitive and Aged Care focused approach to resident care allows us to work with each of your residents to identify, and help them meet their nutrition needs. Every consultation takes into account all of factors influencing good nutrition for a resident. We provide recommendations that combine best practice nutrition with a practical and quality-of-life based understanding of residential Aged Care, and with a focus on the resident and their experience.

Leading Nutrition Dietitians are involved with the management team at each home, running nutrition educations for your staff, working closely with team kitchen members, and always contributing to continuous improvement in nutrition.

But we don’t stop there.  Our clients love our proactive and regular communication with their teams at regional, state or national Head Office.  You remain informed and confident that our Dietitians are working hard at each of your facilities.  We are onsite, working with your staff, to ensure that management of Nutrition and Hydration is running smoothly in each home.

Call us to set up a meeting to chat about how Leading Nutrition could be helping your organisation to streamline Nutrition and Hydration management.